Anas Emad's CV

Anas Emad

Ph.D Candidate, Group of Bioclimatology

University of Göttingen

Research interests

Micrometeorology, trace gas measurements, turbulence, & biosphere-atmosphere interactions



2018- University of Göttingen, Bioclimatology

Advisor: Dr. Lukas Sciebicke

Topic: Estimating methane fluxes in upland temperate forests from novel high precision field measurements and machine learning models


2015-2017 Tropical and international forestry, University of Göttingen

Advisor: Dr. Lukas Sciebicke

Thesis: Eddy Accumulation Flux Computations and Simulations for CO2, CH4 and Water Vapor


2005-2010 Agricultural Engineering, University of Aleppo

Specilization: Renewable natural resources and ecology


Google Scholar

Work Experience

2017-2018 Scientific assistant

University of Göttingen, Bioclimatology group

Technologies used: R, python, Unix shell, TypeScript

2015-2017 Student Assistant (part time)

University of Göttingen, Bioclimatology group

Teaching assistant, programmer

2011-2015 Software developer, GIS analyst, and Project Lead Directorage of Agriculture, Syria


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